Babywearing Rules? No thanks.

Let’s talk about babywearing rules. I’m not into them. Guidelines? Sure! Suggestions? Okay! But I have heard almost no “rules” that should always be followed. I am a fan of the World Health Organizations work on breastfeeding and kangaroo care. Check out these images in their 2003 handbook that we babywearers love. There’s some controversial images in there, y’all! Keep the education and support, let’s drop the “rules”.


Looks like legs out positioning to me! It is okay to wear legs-out from birth. I teach caregivers to fit the carrier around the baby instead of putting the baby in the carrier. It’s okay to flex the hips, as long as it’s comfortable for the baby.


Cooking while babywearing??? Didn’t you read the babywearing rules that tell you don’t cook, drink hot coffee, or have anything nice when you babywear??? (sarcasm)


One last thing to point out: kangaroo care looks different outside the USA. Kangaroo care was NOT invented in this country, and we do NOT utilize kangaroo care in a way that provides the most benefits to sick babies. This picture looks an awful lot like a happy babywearing couple to me.

Share with me what babywearing rules get under your skin!

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