Babywearing and Down Syndrome

What a nice change I encountered when I googled “babywearing and Down syndrome”. There is much more going on in the world of babywearing and special needs than is initially apparent! Babywearing kids with Down syndrome has several benefits unique to some of the characteristics that come with this condition. Babywearing can boost language and neural development. Breastfeeding a baby with Down syndrome can be more challenging. Babywearing has a reputation for making breastfeeding more successful and that has specific long-term benefits for babies and intellectual development. Babywearing is a gentle way to increase core muscle strength. GERD is more common and holding baby upright is a wonderful way to decrease discomfort associated with GERD. They can even sleep upright in a baby carrier! Due to issues with hyperflexibility and hip development, it may be even more important to ensure your carrier is knee to knee, and you may need a carrier with a headrest. It is always a good idea to take your carrier to your OT or PT appointment for feedback on good hip positioning.

Websites that mention babywearing and Down syndrome:


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